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Yoga for worksites, schools, community organizations, support groups and business meeting break times…

Yoga can enhance concentration and relaxation. It is a healthy alternative to high calorie break times at meetings or regular work or school days. It is an opportunity to engage the mind and the body through various yoga movements either as a chair/desk practice or on the mat. Many schools and business are recognizing the importance of mindfulness for their students and employees. Mindful yoga can teach participants to be more focused and present during the physical practice of yoga and then take their mindfulness practice into other aspects of their lives. Yoga can be scheduled at your site based on your organizations’ needs and room availability.  Regular sessions can be scheduled as well as one time meeting or educational presentation on Yoga.

Private or Small Group Yoga Sessions…

I can come to your home, office, school or organization for private or group yoga instruction. Instruction space may be arranged at a convenient location within the Belleville/St. Louis metro area as well. Fees depend upon the length of instruction and number of participants. I have experience instructing individuals and groups of various ages and levels of yoga experience. A private yoga session is a great way to begin the practice of yoga. I have instructed individuals with various healthcare needs including: Pregnancy, Cancer, MS, COPD, Arthritis, Hypertension, and Anxiety.

Mindfulness Presentations and Introduction to Meditation

I present an easy approach to creating mindfulness in your day through breathing exercises, mindful eating and walking practices, gentle yoga and sensations of the body. These practices can assist us in becoming more aware and present throughout our day increasing attention/focus, productivity and joy. Over-all health can improve by bringing this awareness into our physical activity and nutrition behaviors, thus it is can be the “first step” in improving one’s health.

CPR Demonstration

CPR and MORE (CPR and First Aid Training)

I provide on site CPR and First Aid Training for various work sites and organizations.  Programs are provided at physician offices, schools, day care settings, fitness facilities, municipal offices, organizational meetings and various work sites.  These programs are provided by an instructor with 20 years experience in CPR and First Aid Training and Masters in Health Education.  We provide AED Training and we are American Heart Association and American Red Cross certified.

~Wellness Coaching~

I provide wellness coaching for individuals assisting them in setting and achieving their health or wellness goals. I completed the Wellcoaches Training program. My education and broad experience in health education with the influence of mindfulness training helps set the tone for S.M.A.R.T. goals. Please contact me to discuss a coaching plan for you.

To schedule a Mindful Yoga Class or Presentation, Private Yoga,  CPR Training, or Wellness Coaching, contact Cheryl: from her contact web page, or phone at (618) 960-7377.